Mar 27, 2009


Well I haven't shared much craftyness here lately, huh? Although I assure you there has been quite a bit of creativity happening around here (mostly all school related though). So I thought I'd share the invites I made for mum's 50th birthday party, which is next Saturday.

It took me ages to get inspiration for these little guys and I'm currently mad at Spotlight for their poor stock of products. The lovely little art shop near me has closed *sniff* and I have found Spotlights range to be lacking. side note - am also still waiting for them to restock the 25mm self cover fabric buttons - it's been over three months now and I actually put an order in!! The invites also come in the two different colours as they didn't have enough of either colour cards in stock!
ok rant aside..
I decided to try and make it simpler to assemble - get a pack of pre-made cards, print the info and paste inside and just decorate the front. Which maybe in the end wasn't simpler!
The green paper is actually from Officeworks - they actually have some very pretty patterned and textured papers for invites etc (these sheets were handmade in India and a little pricey but totally worth it!) The dots are all random scrapbooking paper. And yes, I did trace and cut all those circles out by hand (mostly on the train on the way to and from college) - I think I might have been too ambicious with this idea! My dear scrapbooking-crazy friend Niki (who has been leaving sweet little comments around here lately) has advised me that I could of used her circle punch - I'm holding you to this offer next time I decide to do soemthing crazy like this Niki!
& thanks to the parents for helping in our little production line so we could actually get them off in the post before the party date :)

and... this was just me playing around with my camera. It still excites me how I can change the depth of field and which part of the image I want in focus. Geeky huh!


  1. Oh my Katie these turned out so very cute...I am loving anything sort of circle design these never cease to amaze me dear girl, that was a lot of circles to cut out by hand, but as always, lovely, lovely finished product!

    So fun to see a crafty post from our little art student friend. Love and miss you!

  2. KT these are so cute!!!! I LOVE them!
    You are amazing. And your ideas are the best. Love them, love them.

    Ok, I have to share. Last night I had a dream that /i was really stressed out so Mike bought me a plan ticket to come out and see you and Morgan. But only for a long weekend. Fri. thru Mon. So I packed and was so excited to come visit and we had a great 2 whole days together and then I flew home. And then I woke up and laughed, because it would take me 2 whole days to fly there and 2 whole days to fly back. Anyways, it was nice to have a "dream" visit with you. :)

    Love you dear!

  3. these are beyond cute...i am loving them!