Mar 2, 2009

The ring

So lately Morgan and I have been talking about marriage, well really we've always talked about it, but lately it's been more about planning our finances, saving for a house and more fun things... like engagement rings...

Thing is I know he wants to surprise me with a ring. The part of me who loves surprises adores this idea and the other part of me wants to help choose it. I'm a very sentimental person and this for me would be a forever ring. Plus it's not a cheap investment..
I have a folder saved on my computer named 'for your information' which he is well aware of. It's full of white gold antique style engagement rings with little diamonds encrusted around the band. But there's one thing about seeing a picture of a ring and actually seeing it on your own hand - I have really skinny long fingers and don't want to get anything that looks too 'bulky'.

...and the idea of trying on diamonds is kinda thrilling!

My parents were in a furniture shop looking at leather lounges when my dad proposed. Mum sat on the couch to 'try it out' and dad went down on one knee. When she said yes he said lets get a ring. She thought he meant sometime soon. He meant right then and had her sister waiting in a jewelry shop where she knew the owner.

am I being silly here?
I think I try to plan too much, huh!

So what about you ladies? I know the majority of my readers are blissfully wed and each wear a pretty sparkly on her finger. So tell me the story behind your ring, either by leaving a comment or a link to a blog post maybe even with a photo :) Thought these stories might be a little fun to share around :)

ps. he sent me an email with a picture of a pretty ring today, very much the style I like. - this is why we call him 'CM'.


  1. Well, you know me - sappy romantic who gets all excited over this kind of thing. ;) ♥

    Dave had called and asked if I wanted to look at rings with him when he next visted. "Of course!" :)

    We went to a wonderful,cute little shop and looked and tried on - it was such a perfect day!

    I fell in love with one, but moved past it quickly to look at cheaper ones. Dave was watching me closely and knew which one I loved. He picked it up and tried it on my finger. It had one brilliant cut round diamon and four smaller diamonds on each side. He bought it and then led me across the road to a small gazebo. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I said yes - I am most certain before the words were all the way out of his mouth. :)

    Personally, I loved picking out my ring.

    I love hearing about you and 'CM'. :) I so excited to watch and see all that God has for you in the future.

    The rings you described sound gorgeous!!

  2. Oh My goodness!!! I know that you all are planning on waitting a while, but just the thought of rings is exciting!!!!!
    It was Valentines Day when Benji came over (surprized me) and asked me to marry him...I was in total shock, but I said YEESS!!! We then proceeded to go to a movie and dinner, but he instead took me to pick out our rings. When I look at my rings I always am reminded of that most wonderful day of my life. It was fun picking them out together, I wouldnt' have wanted it any other way. I of course picked out a princess cut (square cut) with four diaminds in the square and four on the side of the band. It is gorgeous...not too flashy but still elegant looking...I hope your day is perfect and I am so excited for the upcoming adventure in your life!!


  3. I am a sappy romantic girl myself... unfortunately, my hubby is not so sappy or romantic. I do love him in spite of this deficiency. He asked me to marry him in his bedroom at his parents house and picked out the ring himself... In yellow gold... which I don't really like. But, like I said, I love him anyway. And on occasion I actually wear that ring. Usually I wear a white gold ring that he bought me for our 10th anniversary.

    Enjoy this time. It can be utterly romantic...

  4. OoOoOooOH! Ring shoppping...So exciting!

    We'd been talking about getting engaged for like, 1+ year, before we actually did. I showed Jeff my great-great-grandma's antique engagement ring that I've always just loved and my mom kept tucked away in a jewelry box. I told him I wanted something similar to it. The rest was up to him! At the time, antique-looking rings were just starting to get more popular. Lots of the rings in jewelry stores were a bit gaudy or too over-the-top for us...

    So Jeff wound up having the ring custom made. {It's so cool to have a 1 of a kind ring!!} He had it all ready to go when he proposed and I was completely surprised! Later he brought me along to meet the goldsmith and we designed our wedding bands together. :)

  5. That is so funny cause Corey and I have been talking about the exact same thing lately. I am like you I really want to be able to pick the ring but also want the surprise. Corey knows my taste well and has three sisters as well as my own sister to help him so I think he can handle the job.

  6. In my case, Gib and I have been discussing weddings and things in practical terms for quite some time... finances, houses, things like that. As for rings, for me, I'd rather have it as a surprise. I love the awesome friendship we have, and I would love a token - like an engagement ring, and later a wedding - that I can wear all the time to confirm our relationship, so long the ring, practically doesn't get in the way of things we do together that are really important to building our relationship: gardening, karate, working on cars, cooking and baking things, sewing! (Nothing worse than a ring snagging some nice fabric, or getting it all gummed up in some cookie dough!). Gib knows I want a simple ring so it doesn't get in the way of the important stuff. Doesn't that sound terribly unromantic! Hahaha! But I guess a simple ring would reflect the lifestyle, humility and simplicity we continually aim to live by.

    A couple I'm friends with are both engineers, and they both decided to get matching titanium rings, again for practicality and as a reflection of themselves. Another two friends of mine have gone with the hand-made option for engagement rings:

    One of my friends made the engagement ring from wood:

    Another friend who just recently proposed is melting down a coin for his (now) fiance's ring:

  7. Such a happy post. Totally put a smile on my face.

    Gosh ... my ring story is O.L.D. and kinda quirky. My darling husband asked me [spontaneously, I might add] to marry him in the middle of a bible study discussion. There was no ring. And, really, we didn't have money for the ring anyway. It wasn't that big a deal to either of us. I did my research in the meantime (studied those 4 c's: cut, color, clarity & carat ... wanted to buy judiciously, y'know). 5 weeks before our wedding day, we went shopping together, picked one out, which hubby promptly put in his pocket (to my dismay!), got a couple mochas, drove to our favorite scenic vista lookout, and there hubby did the "official proposal" (haha - the month before our wedding!) and gave me my beautiful ring. Fun memory. Still brings a smile to my face.

    I wish you and Marshall much happiness in the ring process and in your beautiful future together!!

  8. Morgan, not Marshall. [blushing]

    What an embarrassing typo. (I had just finished a comment on another blog, whose writer is named Marshall :-} )

  9. Hey Beautiful KTBear, after seeing you at church yesterday I started reading your blog from the beginning and it's been such a delight to read! I am truly blessed to know you and have you as part of my Aussie family :-)

    Andrew proposed to me on Christmas day 1994 after we had been together 3 years. He was living in the UK at the time, and I was still in South Africa and he had come over to propose. We went to a manufacturing jeweller and designed my ring together - a wide band with 3 diamonds on each side of a beautiful oval sapphire. Unlike you I have big chunky hands so I needed something that wouldn't look lost. He had gone back to the UK by the time it was ready so I had to slip it onto my own finger. It was 3 months before we saw each other again and he could actually put it on my hand! Cya soon! Love Niki