Mar 31, 2009

awake at the wrong time

uuggh it's 2:43 am and I am once again up still trying to get this assessment done. I am so so almost there if I can stop getting distracted by pretty kitchen pictures :) Like this shot above - I think I could do with a coffee in a cute orange cup made in a cute orange kitchen right about now - you too ? :)

oh boy what a week/end it has been and I totally forgot - not only do we have mum's party this Saturday but also a Cancer Council gig that Morgan is playing at on Friday night and a friend's 21st on Saturday night (mum's party is during the day) oh my! at least this assessment will be out of the way and holidays are coming up.

until then I will breathe. Ever. so. deeply and ....
sleep an awful lot on the train in the meantime :D


  1. I looove the picture of the kitchen! so retro!!
    Sorry you aren't able to sleep! Hope and pray you get your assessment done, get lots of rest and have an amazing time at all the fun parties you get to attend, and happy birthday to your Mum!!

  2. wishing you rest, and then loads of energy to "do it all"...

    love ya... :)

  3. Oh so fun! I know that right now it may seem a tad bit overwhelming. But someday when you are married, have children and are seeing those children off to do their thing you will look back soooo very fondly at all of these moments. I am so glad that you are cataloging this time, because someday you will be thankful that you have it to remember things by. Trust me. Memories need a bit of a push to rememeber at my age!
    Loves to you and sooo many HAPPY BIRTHDAYS for all of those loved ones! Especially that dear mother of yours!
    Heres to you and the coffee we are shring! (As I hold such glass in the air!)
    XOX Minta

  4. I am new here! What a great blog :)

  5. Thats a cute kitchen! The lemon meringue pie was not hard at all. It is just time consuming.

  6. Cute kitchen alright, I can see why and how you got distracted...LOL!!! Good luck with your asignment..

    Take Care
    Jodie :)