Mar 2, 2009

for tunes.

So I have finally decided on which type of ipod I would like. That train trip is getting a bit much without the loveliness of music. Plus I would love the block out that annoying person who is always speaking so loudly into their mobile phone while the rest of the train sits in silence. Why does every train have such a person!? I did originally want the ipod touch, which morgan just got recently. It's so fun and I do love the internet feature and zooming in on the screen :) But I have decided on the nano, mostly because of it's practical reasons - it's so small. and so light. Which is great cause I already have to lug around so much stuff with me to and from Sydney everyday. My portfolio is huge!

But now I have a new dilehma... I don't know what colour to get!?!
oh woe is me! :D
tell me... whats your favourite?


  1. I have an ipod nano and I love it. My boyfriend bought it for me for christmas. I got a pink one!

  2. I have an older silver model that I bought used from my niece. I love it! If I were to get a new one, I like the red or the green.

  3. tough choices!!! i vote for pink. :)

  4. I like the purple, blue, or lime green. And I have a Nano, too - although an older version, it's shorter and wider and plain ole silver.