Mar 17, 2009

It's Crazy!

Hi all!
Sorry it's been awhile hasn't it?
Things have been good here. Just rather busy...

Firstly, some fun things that have been happening since the last time I posted:

- After much careful deliberation I finally decided on and got the blue ipod nano. (I was wanting the green but my brother has it in green and I just knew we'd end up mixing them up at least once). I love it & can't believe how thin it is! I also wanted the 16GB one but all the stores only had yucky colours left and so I was a super girly and went for the 8GB, simply because the colours were nicer! I also love the shuffle feature how you shake the ipod in your hand and it changes songs for you - awesome! and it is making that train trip a whole lot nicer!

- After even MORE deliberation I finally decided on the Macbook laptop. The Windows vs Mac debate went on for a few weeks, I'm really happy with the Mac already, it has some really great features, like Photo Booth:
Just still figuring out where everything is located. Do any of you use a Mac? And is it bad if I mention I am more than super excited about the prospect of blog surfing and watching movies while lazing about in bed? Counting down the days till our broadband is all sorted.

- Morgan also brought a laptop. A super sleek black Dell, although he has had a few troubles with it already, poor boy :(

- Have almost learned how to handle my super duper heavy duty HEAVY tape measure without looking like a complete dofus! (I had to measure my room for a Drafting class - I actually really enjoy drawing plans up!)

- Finally found and PURCHASED a chair for my room!!! which I found in this amazing antique shop in Lane Cove (for a rather small amount of money). It has wooden arms, fabric back and seat and is fairly low lying. The fabric needs reupholstering (hello Amy Butler!) and the wood needs sanding back but it is perfect! I'll make sure I post up the end result, I'm excited to get started in the school holidays coming up (oh that sounds so weird to say that again!)

- caught up with an old friend from my junior highschool days on the train & talked non stop all the way home - almost 5 years of talking to do!

- Had a fun excursion today to Academy Tiles. Wow! these guys have some amazing tiles like out of wood, or with digital images, stainless steel, beautiful mosaics, tiles where lights reflect through the embeded perspect, tiles with sparkles & beautiful intricate patterns. Who knew tiles could be SO much fun!?
and even these interactive liquid floor tiles, where the liquid moves when you walk on them!

- Also dropped into Baresque who sell wallcoverings and commercial grade upholstery fabrics. The wallcoverings are kinda like ultramodern wallpaper with amazing textures, patterns, shiny surfaces, matt surfaces & so beautiful!

On top of all this March is a very busy month for us...

It is the boyfriends birthday.
The Mother's birthday, which is the day before...
The brother's birthday. He is old enough to get his Learners permit this year!! and guess who will be helping to teach him to drive!
the best friends 21st birthday & party.
The brother's big school rowing regatta.
Another close friends engagement party (Morgan is in the bridal party).
& plenty of due assignments. Not that I'm complaining they're actually enjoyable to do and involve painting and picking fabric samples and materials etc!
The Mother's birthday party. I voluntereed to make all the invites - it took ages! will show soon.

image from Baresque.

ok off to bed now hope you enjoyed the 'update'


  1. So glad to hear from you! Sounds like everything is going so well for you...Can't wait to see pics of the chair reupholstered!

  2. I have a mac and I love it! I have never had any problems with it (knock on wood) and I have had it for about 6 months.

  3. What a lovely update! I'm glad things are going so well. You should have Morgan ride with you one morning and take pictures of you on the train with your new {blue} iPod. :) I'm hoping that our next computer will be a Mac and hopefully a laptop. I can't wait.
    It sound's like a very busy month for you! Enjoy every moment of it dear. It was so good to catch up with you this morning/night. ;) Hopefully we can do it again soon!

  4. oh so, so fun to hear all about the goings on, and your new gadgets and projects and I cannot wait to see your chair...enjoy all the celebrations this month...loving so much getting to hear all about your busy/happy little Aussie art school life.