Mar 24, 2009

Happy Day

Dear sweet birthday boy.
Today is your special day. This day that all those years ago you choose to arrive in the world. The day that made the world a better place & put a smile on so many people's lips.

Do you know just how much you mean to me?
It's a lot!
And I'm afraid these words will be quite inadequate...

Thank you boy for loving me and for putting up with me in my stressed out and silly moments. For making me laugh, and even making me cry (in the best possible way of course!) For taking my hand and holding on tight - come whatever may. For loving my family as your own - you know you are already considered a big brother and a son - and are very loved by the 'Macs'.

It is a pity that today you are working and I am in Sydney at school.
But tonight I will rush home and we will dress up and go out to dinner.
And I promise we will laugh and chat and grin at each other like we always do when it's just us.
We will talk about the future and share our dreams.
And when I glance across the table at you I will smile.
And deep inside I will know.
That you are my perfect match and I am blessed beyond measure.
We will enjoy being carefree and young and soaking up this moment right here, right now.
And for the next three short months you will only be one year younger than me - but that is ok because I know you were made for me anyway.

Enjoy this next year of your life hun..
May you continue to grow in your walk with Christ and continue to strive to become more like him.
I know God has blessed our relationship & I am so thankful to have you.

and very importantly...
I love you.

and I always always will!


  1. aw sweetest that was lovely! thankyou so much!!
    cant wait to see you tonight. perfect way to end my birthday:)

  2. How sweet are you! And how lucky he is to have such a treasure :)
    Happy birthday to your one and only!!

  3. I already thought it was the sweetest and then to read his comment.. gosh you guys...

    too flipping cute!

    and KT.. you are a lucky girl as is CM.. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Morgs! Hope you guys have a fantastic time tonight. Hugz

  5. Love this! You two will have an amazing time tonight. :)

  6. So darling!! In your crazy busy schedule to be so sweet and post a birthday post for the sweet in your life.
    So missing you and wish my blogger would post when you POST! silly thing. I will now remember that it is not posting and go and visit you more often.
    Loves to you and sooooo super excited!
    Loves, Minta


  8. This is ever so sweet and makes me so happy for both of you. You make the cutest couple and I'm so excited and happy for you guys. Happy birthday Morgan!