Mar 1, 2009

furniture crush

I have been looking for a unit for my bedroom for a little over a year now.
I have two blank walls and a huge area near my desk in which a storage unit would be perfect. & I am in need of some storage for my new art supplies for college. Seeings our house sale fell through and it looks like we may be staying put for awhile I am back on the hunt.

I have had a serious furniture crush on this 'Shutters' range from Domayne ever since I saw it in the December edition of Real Living (particularly the bottom left unit). It's got all the features I want - it's white, has drawers and cupboards and interesting features - the handles and slatting. Plus in a few years time I am vividly seeing it in our guest room, sewing room, hallway, maybe even our room :)
The only problem?... the $1,299 price tag (yeah that's only the drawer/cupboard module - eek!) As much as I love this unit it is definitely not in my student budget, heck it wasn't even in my full time employed budget! sigh..

I guess I'm just spoiled like that always having a dad who was able to build furniture for less than half the price of furiture shops. (He custom made all my bedroom furniture ( queen bed, 2 x bedside tables and chest of drawers) for the price of the materials, around $300!! I know his time has to be taken into account but with furniture that is made in bulk, it just shows how much they up the prices huh!? He's a bit busy with work at the moment but said he'll see how he goes and may be able to make it for me, that is unless I am lucky enough to find a similar style unit in a second hand shop or by the side of the road. I have been looking :)
Does anyone else know where I would find a similar unit/any shops online (US or Aus) where I could find ideas for a white storage unit?

I think it would look awesome in that corner along with a wooden/fabric armchair reupholstered in some Amy Butler fabric and this side table, which I have also been drooling over for a couple of months now - in white.
lovely huh :)

above image from Australian Home Beautiful Sept 2007.
similar side table in Nicole from Making it Lovely's guest room (similiar style chair I am looking for too, but fabric not vinyl - does anyone know what this style is called?)


  1. Lovely! I too loves those. Ofcourse as a mother I wish not to have white ANYthing. lol It would certaily not be white for long.
    I do hope that you will find what you are looking for soon and for a wonderful price. I will keep my eyes open for it around this neck of the woods too.
    Loves to you lucky girl! ;)

  2. Ok Kt. I feel stupid I totally read this thinking it was someone elses blog... and was like wow.. didn't know Minta knew her... hahaha..

    Ok.. so anyways.. I love the shutters furniture and also have been wanting to know what the chair is called...

    Im feeling dumb, I was even like I didn't know she was taking art classes... ughh

    So tell us how is that all going??

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