Mar 5, 2009


photo by morgan.
I love white on white.
There's just something about it which is so calm and serene.

I'm trying to enhance my photography skills and am now shooting on full manual mode! and it's not as hard as I first thought. Morgan has been having a go too. These shots are unedited (trying not to rely on lightroom fixing up all my shots anymore!) and were taken late one afternoon inside, with no flash. I probably should of upped the ISO, but didn't want them to get too grainy. Or made the f-stop larger to get brighter shots, I think it was on 4.5 or 5.6?
I am finding this site very helpful. It's full of tutorials, assignments (if you want to give them ago) and well written handy information.
So stay tuned for hopefully more improved photography on the blog this year :)

photo by me.

ps. Am I the only one who feels like a cup of tea after looking at this post?


  1. thanks for directing me to the digital photography school site the other day. It is super helpful!

  2. I love white on white as well! Your picture looked so calm and serene! I think you are making out to be quite the photographer :D Can't wait to see more of your fun work, friend!

  3. hey chick.

    what camera are you shooting with..
    and just a hint, if shooting with all white and there is no bright sun spots (nice even lighting) bump that exposure comp just a nudge on the + side to get it brighter...

    also. every digital images needs some post processing, so although its good to learn as much as you can, its just part of the digital world, don't beat yourself up!

  4. these pictures make me feel so calm and collected...perhaps i need them posted around my house! :)