Mar 19, 2009


Photo taken at my yr 12 formal 2006.

Just wanting to wish my dear friend Luke who turns 21 today a very Happy Birthday - the Happiest of all birthdays!

This guy is probably my oldest friend, but still remains one of my dearest. We have both attended the same church since we were about 7 and I have so many good memories of our time together. Little jokes, our tap dance together (when we were about 8), church barn dances & camps, days at the beach with school friends, teenage parties, Saturday shifts at Subway together...
He is the first guy I ever had a crush on (we're talking primary school well into high school!) and I think it's safe to say I may have been his first crush too! hehe

Luke is the type of friend who you want to be around, who is uplifting and silly but you can have totally deep conversations about life with. Who loves to catch up and chat (actually he really loves to chat lol!) He is a super caring friend too - like the time he took me out for lunch for my birthday as I was home all alone. He is also an awesome man of god and just talking to him (or visiting his blog) for 5 mins you can tell God is the center of his world, his strength and his hope. Not only that but this guy is super talented. Plays guitar, keys and has an amazing voice (he was even my singing teacher for awhile there and was even in a band that travelled around Australia as well as our churches amazingly talented worship leader!)

So Happy Birthday Luke wishing and praying for only the best for you this year and beyond (& for that Mrs T to arrive soon!)

Love you
Kt (& Morgs) x

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  1. Love you Katie!
    God could not have given me a better friend in you. and i should probably be kind and add your plus one morgan too! haha
    love you both so much.
    big big hug coming your way at my party!!!