Jul 24, 2008

a bit of colour..

It's so bleak and cold and rainy here this week that I needed a bit of colour to brighten up my day and remembered this photo. It makes me smile.

You know how every now and then you take a shot and you just love it? Theres no fiddling with it in photoshop or cropping it so it fills the frame better. It's just perfect the way it is - the lighting, the colour, focus. This was this above shot. So much so that Morgan almost banned me from mentioning it (again) hehe.

This is Morgan's littlest cousin Naomi and she's such a sweetie. I love how even a picture of someone's feet can show so much of them. She's a little hippie who has the brighest personality and smile (as well as being super clever) She's also very cuddley and will often come up you at a family event just to give you a hug. I felt so accepted by M's extended family the first time she came up to give me a 'just because' hug. I don't think she even realised that I took this photo as i was just snapping around with the camera while we were all on the wharf chatting, laughing and mucking around and she changed the position of her feet about 5 times before I got to take the shot.

Even just remebering all this has helped brighten my day (that and the package of Amy Butler fabrics I know is awaiting me when I get home!)


  1. so bright and cheery.... I too love people's feet.. thanks for sharing kt.

  2. What a cool photo... orange is such a happy colour!