Jul 7, 2008

happiness is..

-Spending the day down in Sydney with my cousin Larissa, her hubby Brant and babysitting this little munchkin!

(I can't believe how much she's grown since the last time I saw her! and how happy and smiley she is, even with a dirty nappy and when it's well past feed time!)

- Shopping at the Mosman Markets
- buying a new lacy handmade top
- Looking at cute handmade baby things (Lar brought a really cute pair of leather baby shoes)
- Hot chai lattes and double choc fudge bikkies in the park when it's cold
- Giggles with Keke and watching her turn her head when you do! *see below photo*

- watching Morgan with Keke
- laughing as larissa finally buys the new tickle me elmo 'for Keke' and the conversations that went something like this:
" But Brant we always said when we had a baby we'd get one"
"We did? For the baby, or for you?"

"ummm...But it's on sale at the moment and I have a fly buys coupon!"
"Lar it says 18 mths +"
" O well I'm over that age bracket! :)"
- running through Kmart searching for said Elmo
- laughing at tickle me Elmo and his conniptions
- carrying Keke in her baby bjorn when shes sleepy and having her head rest on your chest

- laughing at Keara's facial expressions
- listening to Keara 'talk' all the way to and from our destinations
- Feeding Keara dinner (even having her spit it on you cause she thinks thats funny!)
- rocking baby to sleep
- Being thankful for these sweet family moments and savouring them up before this sweet family move to Dubai for three years *sniff*

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