Jul 4, 2008

Flashback Friday

This is the way the neighbour found my mum one sunny day out the front of her house and he was nice enough to take these Polaroid shots of her. She can't remember whether it was her older sister who dressed her up or whether she got up to this mischief herself, but there she was in all her cuteness and curls in her mum's over sized shoes and handbag. People who know my mum often can't believe this is her (she has since she was about 5 had very dark straightish hair!)

Out of all our old family photos i think these two have to be pretty much my favourite!

*edit note* I was just talking to my mumma about this photo and apparently she had got up to this mischief all by herself. Apparently she used to love getting into her mother's closet and shoes quite often :) aww


  1. this and the photo of your grandmother and grandfather are amazing... serious treasures.... I would love love love to get my hands on some of my grandparents photos....

  2. Thanks Leslie, they truly are. All of our old photos inspire me so much I have copies all over my walls and notice board! And stay tuned there are plenty more to come..

    and If you do get your hands on your grandparents photos I would LOVE a peek :)

  3. What gorgeous pics. I especially love the top one, with the bag over her arm and her looking so intent on her outing. Very cute.