Jul 15, 2008

weekend away...

It's been a busy and tiring week so far (and it's only Tuesday, how does that happen?!) but theres been lots of crafting happening yay :) so just popping in to say hello and share a few pictures from our weekend away at Boomerang Beach. Where we got to just sit and stare at this view:

and have some cuddles:

take jumping photos (he loves these):

and listen to the sound of Morgan's mum knitting (ah!)

pose in love heart sunnies:

and take in the beauty of God's creation.
what a perfect winter weekend escape.
Although I think I'm over this whole winter thing now..all weekend I so eager to just strip down to summer clothes and lie on the beach, soak my toes in the water, let my skin soak in that yummy sunshine and run across the sand barefoot. Instead it was boots and scarves kinda weather. oh well a nice time was still had by all :)


  1. They're beautiful photos. Looks like a really beautiful place. I know what you mean about Winter too!! I usually love it but I'm craving some sunshine now ;)

  2. Thanks Rebecca, it really was lovely.

    and while you were off making me jealous with your trip around Europe :P I got a new camera yipee!


  3. Great pics!!! It sure does look like you all had a fantastic time..

    Jodie :)

  4. Whoa, lovely photos. Although it's ~20C in Sydney right now! That's not even winter, in my books! Heheh, we're the opposite: during summer Gib and I love heading to Tasmania. It's the coldest and most convenient place to go to escape the heat.

  5. oh that looks so beatiful, and that house...ahhhhh! yes it's hard being on a lovely beach in the winter, you just keep wanting to jump in the water!

  6. It looks (and sounds) perfect.
    What an incredible view... I love your pictures.

  7. Can I just say you are one seriously big hearted and truly lovely girl from the inside-out!