Jul 17, 2008

kindness in the post..

Theres so many reasons why I love blogging. The inspiration I get when browsing around blog land, the motivation to finish projects, the tutorials that can be found (yum!). But the best by far has definitely been This beautiful community of sweet (and crafty) kindred spirits. Your sweet comments are so enjoyable to come on and read and you each inspire me so much. But I have to give a super big thanks to a sweet little blogger who made me feel so special this week!


I came home yesterday for lunch (I luckily live about 5 mins away from my work) and was greeted by a large parcel that I could see peeking out of my letter box. I was sure it was for me (who else gets parcels in this house?!) so I ran to the letter box and was so excited to find a HUGE surprise package from the lovely Beth from Goat in a coat (pop on over and say hello). I came across Beth's blog while browsing through the blog list on the Sassy Apron swap page. Turns out she was designated to be my swap partner... and i made her this apron. Unfortunately the apron from my partner never arrived and I was really bummed especially seeings this was my first swap and all.. so secretively Beth asked the swap host Lucy if she was able to make a replacement for me.

And she sent this funky little number to me:

and the back view:

Beth also added in a super large tea towel (this is super good for me I always tend to get my dishtowels soo wet when I'm drying) which she embroidered with the same fabric as the pockets, some chewy caramel lollies and a notebook which has a reversible fabric cover she made for it. Inside the notebook was 'Little Beth's hot caramel recipe' which is what the chewy caramels are for. How sweet is that?

Beth, I am so completely blown away by your kindness and love my little package so much. The apron fits perfectly and I wore it while making dinner that very night :) I think this surprise was even better than knowing something was supposed to be arriving! and thanks for sticking with the pattern even though you had to undo so many seams. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!


  1. Hooray! I'm so relieved it fits. I'm glad you haven't lost faith in the swapping world and have signed up again. (How much fun is receiving parcels?!)