Jul 10, 2008

Flash Back Friday..

My dad at 18 months old. Theres just something I love about images such as these that are not posed for the camera, but rather a snap shot of life as it was.

Knowing my dad as I do and all the stories of how he would walk home from school with his two older sisters and he would be carrying a huge load of nuts and bolts and found objects in his bulging pockets or the time he asked for a box of broken toys for his birthday, so he could create new objects out of them and find out how they work... I know that look on his face is him exploring his world, trying to find out how it all works, how those wheels are turning and just how those crickets legs move.

It's almost surreal looking at this image as these are my memories I have of my brother playing with his trucks. The same pose, the same thoughtful expression, the same chubby cheeks only 30 years previously. wow.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! M and I are off to Boomerang Beach for the weekend to meet up with his family who are already on holidays there. now if only work would go a bit faster... :)


  1. What a great pic. Isn't it amazing how expressions can be the same with each generation. I love the look of wonder on your Dad's face.
    Hope you had a lovely time at the beach.

  2. It's a very interesting photo, I like it a lot. The look of serious concentration, how he's got everything stacked up in the back of the truck there... wonderful.

  3. So sweet! I have an 18 month old and that is such a fantastic age! :) They truly are so into exploring their world, curious as to how things work...and of course the ever present "how far can I go" question. :)
    Just loving the picture of your dad!
    So glad you said hi today. :)

  4. Thanks Jacinta we did have a lovely time.

    Wendy - I'm glad I said hi too :D

  5. What a great action shot - 'Dad at work'. Sounds like he kept the same interests through life as he had when he was a young boy. (He looks so focused here!)