Jul 20, 2008

for baby...

So I've got this huge sewing and craft list and I only seem to be adding to it! anyone relating to this!? This weekend I was able to finish of some of the items and cross them of my list. And man, I just love crossing things of lists! I finished a lamb (the same as in this post and this one) and a zebra from my book sock and glove. I love this book and really recommend it for anyone looking for great simple crafty gifts. This was the first zebra I made and I'm now thinking he's my favourite from the book. I had trouble finding stripey socks so these are little girls knee high socks I picked up from one of those little Asian sock and hat places. It means he's got little legs for the size of his body but in the end it just added to his character :)

Also don't you just love when you give a gift and know that it's really really loved when the person you give it to then requests more? Back in December when Keara was first born I made these bibs for her. They are waaay to big for a newborn but now that she's six months old and sitting up in her highchair she's able to use them and her mummy loves them so much that she asked me to make 4 more so she could have one for almost every single day of the week. The bibs are so simple to make and are such a great idea. If you want to try them yourself simply cut a hole 17.5 cm wide by 10 cm deep (at the deepest point) our of a small hand towel. Then sew a 4cm wide x 30cm band of ribbing around the neckline, like you would for one of those daggy tracksuits you had when you were little hehe... and whola one large bib. My mum was given two of these when I was born and said they were the best bibs she ever had as they are super absorbent and cover all of babies outfit (even when little arms are flapping everywhere!) . Because they're so big my brother and I wore ours well into our toddler years and when eating messy things like tacos and spaghetti. Lar also says she likes to use them when she goes out somewhere as she knows it will cover abit of her outfit aswell.

Lar brought the bibs for me but complained they were too plain. A little ribbon and a few fabric scraps later and this is how they turned out. This was also the first time I had used HeatnBond and oh my goodness where have you been all my life! This stuff is so great and super addictive!

I think the green bib would have to be my favourite (his ear is corduroy so it's a little fuzzy too) closely followed by the brown. And the blue one, not so much. That blue never really inspired me..

Now.. only one more lamb chop to go (well at least for Lar's order) !

I also spent the weekend cooking rock cakes and banana cake with Grandma in our kitchen and chatting about old recipes and Grandpa brought me over a cd labelled '75 years of favourite photos' cause he knows just how much I love those old photos and I know he loves that I treasure these old images as much as he does. Can't wait to have a look. What did everyone else get up too?


  1. I think your zebra is totally adorable (look out, he might get kidnapped!). I think I might have to check this book out...

    Cute bibs too. I like the elephants :)

  2. Oh, how'd your get your zebra's wooly mane to stick up so well? I have tried this sort of hair before on toys I've made and they never seem to work.

  3. That is the stinkin' cutest zebra I've seen! I just saw that someone made you an apron ... that is the nicest thing! And it's darling on top of that!

  4. so so cute.
    I adore that style of bib, mostly cause the velcro gets yanked off... I will have to check these out.. THESE ARE FUN!!!!

    ohh and the zebra.. girl your a crafting machine. thanks for the prayers they are so appreciated.

  5. Oh wow - I have seen that book and loved and now I must go and buy it, your zebra is WONDERFUL!!!!