Jul 29, 2008

lucky lucky me! (and Mgn)

Morgan's Oma gave me a camera tripod! A real fancy Camera tripod!! I'm sooo stoked.

Although I must make a mention and big thank you to Morgan's dad, Craig who was originally offered it, but turned it down and thought "of 'some else' who would like it". Yipee!

It's so fantastic and has three height levels, a level and is really sturdy. It also came with it's own little bag which still has some of the original plastic it was originally packaged in it is pretty much brand new. I can't wait to try it out properly.

It's been a busy time in the Mac house lately.. we spent Friday night and Saturday with my cousin Lar and Brant and baby Keara and giving away that sewing order bounty :) I am so over making sock lambs..

Then on Saturday we went down to Sydney to pick up Morgan's new car!!

It's so cool and he's so stoked (it's been washed twice in one week.Oh dear!). I'm so happy for him though as he has saved for ages and looked around EVERYWHERE for the best buy. He still hadn't found anything when his other car sold, it was driving out the driveway when he came inside to look at cars on the internet and found this one that had just been listed up. It's got everything including leather seats and cup holders!

Hehe oh did I mention that we picked it up from a Gelato place in the suburb Morgan grew up in (crazy huh) and we all got free geltao's. I think my brother was happy he came for the ride even though he was squished in the back of the mini :)

Monday was dadda's birthday and we had fun cooking up garlic and chilli prawn (yummo) and dining surrounded by presents, Phil Wickam singing in the background and the firing roaring. All while it stormed and rained outside. Just lovely!

Oh and remember the black apple doll pattern I tried? Her name is now Keke doll and she is Keara's favourite. Apparently she likes to hold it in front of her and just nod and gurgle at it like she's having some in depth girly conversation! The hair is also starting to get little balls in it as she spends equally as much time in Keara's mouth - gotta love that!

a favourite for sure...

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  1. I'm not really a baby person (toddlers, fine, but babies I'm lost) but I have to say that I love that orange hair, what a cutie!! And that last photo is _adorable_. What a terrific photo. Lucky you with a new tripod!

    Congrats to Morgan on the new car! I really like Liberties, good solid reliable cars (unlike my car, which is still off the road...!)

    Oh, and thanks for copying me into the recipe swap!! :D