Jul 3, 2008

The following should be read with a German accent!

I must indulge you in a funny little story that happened to Morgan and I on Tuesday afternoon in the post office. It was after a long and busy day at the office and Morgan had arrived to my work (he finishes earlier than I do) to pick me up. We were waiting in line at the post office with the mail. We were laughing and catching up on how our days were, simply content that we were together once again. There was this tiny little old lady who was in the line in front of us. She kept turning around and stealing quick glances towards us, like she couldn't keep her eyes off us. It was when we both looked up towards her when she started a funny little speal (in her German accent) that went something like this:

"You beautiful young people! I just can't believe it!! You are both so beautiful! Both sooo tall and slim!! I can't believe it. And look no stomaches! Thank you to your mother - she feeds you well! look no stomaches! You sporting people? You play soccer, soccer? (morgan says he does play soccer) oh yes soccer! {insert soccer-type actions here} If I had a camera I would take a picture! I wish I had a camera I take a picture!!! I can't believe it you beautiful people. You stay companions...you suit each other! You are both so tall and beautiful you should be on the tv.. you should be on the news!! (then she looked away in disgust at the injustice of why, why had she not seen us on the tv, and why had we not been on the news?!?) I just can't believe it! And look at you smile! oh those smiles! (we were laughing so very hard and trying not too) And you know old women they don't lie.. why would I lie? - no reason. I can't believe it! God bless you you beautiful young people!"

I couldn't look at Morgan and he couldn't look at me for fear that we would keel over with laughter. she was just SO. FUNNY! The whole combination of her German accent, the way she constructed her sentences, the way her arms were flapping wildly everywhere as she talked. The way she kept turning around as if we were about to disappear and to exclaim some more. We hardly got a word in, but in her defence she was incredibly sweet and sincere.

Later as we were laughing about it together and I was writing what she said in my phone, so we wouldn't forget Morgan grinned at me and stated... "Your going to blog about this aren't you?" Yes my dearest, yes I am. For this is just too funny not to share. Don't we all wish we could take a little old lady like this home, for on those days when a compliment is just what is needed?

I just can't believe it!

And yes my Morgan I will stay your companion forever, if you'll have me :D


  1. Hahaha so cute!! You two sound totally adorable! And so does the old German lady for that matter. You guys sound like such good friends. It's true you know, old people *don't* lie!

    While we in Japan, we did some karate training with this 70 year old karate master. He was like Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid. Late one night after training (and drinking) he said to us totally out of the blue "I can see you two have been friends for long time. You make good couple. Long friends make good marriage. You are very lucky. You stay together, you be very happy. Very successful marriage. Mmm. Will make very happy couple." We couldn't believe it! This old Japanese karate guy telling us this! What do you say to something like that?! We chuckled for ages afterwards... what a cracker!

  2. Great story... I love the ways strangers (especially older ones) just come out and say these things! And such a perfect subject for a post. Thanks for sharing!