Jul 25, 2008

Flashback Friday

I love this image so much. It makes me laugh. This is my mum's older sister and brother and I think (from what Nan told me) they were all dressed up to go to church. Theres quite a big gap between the two older siblings and the two younger in my mum's family (Her sister is 8 years older than her and her brother is about 10) and it's amazing how that difference shows up in the photos in the outfits and hairstyles. My uncles Graeme's tiny hat cracks me up, and the large bow on my Aunty Karen's head (this is Keara's Nanna). And then there's Nanna in her prime, young and fresh the happy mother of two cute little kids - simply beautiful!


  1. YES! I love Beverly Lewis. I've read most of her books. If you ever go to Tennessee, US ... you've GOT to go to Rock City (where all the rocky pics were taken) - it is so much fun. Except I didn't enjoy the swinging bridge!

  2. Such a fantastic photo! I love it. The expressions, the outfits and that little hat - oh cute!