Oct 3, 2008

4 reasons...

Why I am the best girlfriend in the world! (or one of the best)

1. On a lazy Saturday with nothing that desperately needed to be done I suggested we take the Land cruiser and go 4 wheel driving at the State Forest.

2. And insist we drive through the muddiest/clayiest patch back and forth (4 times maybe?) to see just how muddy we can make that car and just how high we can fling that dirt! :)

3. Get out in the said muddy/clay to film my boy driving through.

4. The fact that I put pictures of a dirty 4wheel drive and mud on my nice clean blog :P

Seriously though, some women would pay heaps to have their bodies covered in that stuff ;)

seeing this dumped/crashed car was a little scary though..

and so you can put it in perspective:


  1. Awww KT You ARE such a wonderful girlfriend for getting so muddy and dirty and taking pictures of what guys like best! lol Looks like you all had lots of fun!
    what happened to the other car? Or do you know? Scary looking! lol at first glance, I thought that was you guys!

  2. You rock. Does he know how lucky he is??! :)

  3. Jacy - not quite sure what happened to the other car we were just driving past and saw it. We were thinking it was probably dumped as a lot of the parts were missing of it and another lady we met said that if it was a crash they probably would of gone off sideways. But who knows.

    Wendi - I am lucky too. The way Morgan treats me and loves me and my family is so amazing. ps. this weekend I tried motorbike riding - I LOVED it. I wanna own a 4wd and a bike one day. morgan seems pleases lol :)