Oct 20, 2008


I saw this Grosgrain giveaway over on Amy's blog. I have visited the Grograin page a few times - I just love pouring over her little girl outfits, and dreaming of dressing my own little one in all those amazing and oh so cute clothes!

But this dress..wow! seriously I just had to share this one for all you mums out there who DO have a little girl to dress cutely. You can click here to see how to enter any of Grosgrain's giveaways. This one is open till the 24th October :)


  1. I really think you should enter, then give the dress to ME if you win, lolol.

  2. And for the THIRD comment on the same post .... her haircut was my own fault. A lady at the barbershop cut it, lolol! It's the one I take the boys to, and they have cut Molly's hair before and usually do pretty good. But a BIG lesson learned, never let a barbershop cut my little girl's hair again!

  3. How fun! If only I had a little girl to dress :D
    I love the picture of your mom and dad below, so sweet and you are so blessed to be able to say all those wonderful things about them! Im glad you have them to set those examples and show you all about love life and all the wonderfulness :D Love you sweet friend and happy ann. to your mom and dad

  4. what is better then a give away....
    off to check it out....