Oct 25, 2008

Totally Tagged Again!

I was over on Amy's blog and saw this fun game. Amy was nice enough to let me play along. All you have to do is go into your pictures, click on the fourth folder and then the fourth picture and post about it on your blog, then tag 4 people.

This photo was taken at my cousin Emily's wedding (the bridal party featured in the background getting their professional photos, as well as those random stranger grr!). This is me and my cousin Sarah. Can you tell who is who? Sarah and I are probably the cousins who look most alike. Once when we were young and our family's went on holidays together we told all the kids that we were sisters and they totally believed us. In this photo I was fixing her earring which was tangled in her hair and getting ready to pose for a shot for grandpa. Here we are actually posing:

ps. I scored that dress on ebay for $49.99! Brand new with Tags, rpp $110.00! The band around the middle is all beaded too :)
Bargin Queen strikes again!

pps. Sarah just got off a plane from Paris a few hours before coming back from studying Fashion Design - crazy how good she looks after very few hours sleep huh :)

So to pass this along I am choosing to tag:

1. Jacy
2. Fairlight
3. Chelle
4. Aminta

oh and Wendi and Dawna and Jess and ok, I think I just broke the rules (not like I hadn't already posting up two pics hehe)
so to all those who want to join too, consider yourself tagged!


  1. OH how fun!!!! I am just so interested to see which picture comes up for me lol

    ANd I LOVE your dress, what a steal!!! You are the bargain queen I need to take classes from you! Both you girls look beautiful and yes at first I was convinced in the first picture you were her, until I saw the second lol
    Love you

  2. Katie, you are so cute! I loved both of your tagged posts AND I loved the little "get to know you" over on the Domestic Bliss blog (that I never commented on...). I always forget how young you are because you seem so much older in so many ways! (I mean that as a compliment! :))

    P.S. I am a list lover as well, but I don't think I am nearly as organized as you...

  3. Yay for tag... this will be fun! You and your cousin are both drop-dead gorgeous. I can see how people think you look alike, although I am proud to say that I could easily pick out the real KT! :-) (PS-I too loved your D.B. post but never left a comment. I love your style that shines through in everything you do!)