Oct 8, 2008


I saw this over on Wendi's blog and thought it was a fun idea, so here is a bit about me and some of my current favorites:

my age:

photo from here.
my middle name:

where I was born:

favourite drink:

..of the peach kind...


to snack on:

(with biscuits!)

for smelling nice:

For Body:and... the berry one

dream vacation:

favourite outfit I wish I could wear more:

The dress I made for M's formal. seriously waiting for a wedding to come up so I can wear it again!

Favourite boy! :



  1. You made your formal dress! Wow! I love it! So gorgeous. I really like this post. It's so fun and it's great to know more KT! :)

  2. SO fun, and that dress - you in it- GORGEOUS! :)

  3. Such a fun post and I am in awe of that formal dress you made. And how very lovely you do look in it! And how I wish we could sit down with a nice cup of chai tea and chat away the morning.

  4. I adore these lists...
    and you are one talented girl, huh?!?!

  5. Wow KT that dress is ALMOST as gorgeous as the sweet darling girl wearing it! I loved your list so neat...someday maybe Ill give that a shot in the meantime I love reading yours
    loves to you friend

  6. WOW! Amazing! I love love love it!
    You really are an awesome seamstress. Funny how it is called seamstress...hmmm? seams and stress?
    wow, random me huh?
    Anyways. I adore this post. So much of beautiful you. And I was wondering if you got any pictures of YOU riding a dirtbike?
    WOULD be so FUN to see you like that after seeing you like THIS!
    Loves to most adorable girlie!

  7. Cute idea, cute dress, I'm with you on dreaming of the dream vacation to Europe!