Oct 20, 2008

a weekend..

picture not mine. found here.

So my parents are away with friends on a cruise for their 25 wedding anniversary and I was a bit bummed we couldn't go too. But I like to think we had just as much of a fun and relaxing weekend being at home..Here's some snippets of our weekend:

- Catching up with my good friend Elizabeth, who came up from Sydney and joined us at youth. Yay! It's been way too long girl!
photo taken at our formal

- A great night at youth and having some friends from Henti (waay out in the country) join us.

- Catching up with an old friend at the supermarket.

- Going out with the youth and playing stupid guessing and mind games and laughing.

- Watching an amazing 'moonrise' over the water near where we live. The moon was so big and full and orange and low. Proof to me again that God truly does exist!

- A mini sleep-in Saturday morning. I'm not one to often have extremely long sleep ins and waste the day away, but one till 9 o'clock was just heavenly :)

- Washing two cars with my brother chatting and dancing along to this band who we saw live. Keeping in mind there is no guitars in this band - all that strumming and picking is done on a bass! - crazy! 'Just play this thing' is my favourite song.

- having a clean car.

- Cleaning. Lots and lots of cleaning- the cleaning part - not so fun, the end result and the feeling of accomplishment - lovely :)

- Baking these brownies while my 'big' boys relived their childhood and played 'Hotwheels'.. and set up crazy jumps down our stairwells (the ones featured in this post over at domestic bliss).

- Seeing my brother Stuart and Morgan muck around and hang together and hearing them laughing so hard at an inside joke.

- Having cheese and tomato fondue for dinner. Next time I would really love to try a meat fondue - has any one ever made one of them before? And check out this scrummy fondue found on flickr. I might just have to try and try that too :)

waaay impressive!
- Enjoying the first watermelon of the season - my my it was so sweet and juicy - off to the fruit shop today for some more as we have eaten it all already ;)

- warm days and warm evenings.

- Waking up to a slightly swollen eye - weird :S!

- Playing card games with my boys - and winning the game wasn't so bad either!

- Great worship at church and the whole band pulling off an item, an old hymn 'the old rugged cross', which we only learnt Tuesday night, phew!

- feeling totally and completely relaxed.

- Starting Jacy's apron as the prize from Leslie's baby shower and loving that Amy Butler fabric all over again. I'd love to give you a peek, but I totally want it to be a surprise for Jacy ;) There may be some scraps from this put in to the Domestic Bliss swap ;)

- Dreaming up little things to make for this event coming up:

and thinking of the fun fabric i get to order today.

- Curling up on the couch and watching Little House on the Prairie.

- Having a cd from Tom and Britt's wedding dropped in and having my images featured in the slide show. You can view the professional shots on Sam's blog here.

- A trip to Spotlight. Finding beautiful coloured corduroy on sale. Stocking up on said corduroy :) and spoiling myself with these fancy buttons. Aren't they so lovely?

- Hearing that baby Cade and mummy Leslie arrived home safely and seeing pics of that gorgeous boy over on her blog :)

- a weekend that seemed to go on and on and on.

how did you spend yours?


  1. What a weekend KT! Sounds fabulous! and know that I am equally EXCITED to see that adorable apron you are working on :D Love you dear friend and hope your week is just as splendid
    love you friend

  2. mmm! your weekend sounds so perfect and fun! and i am more than a little envious of those pretty little buttons.