Oct 14, 2008


As requested by Aminta, some snaps of us dirt bike riding from our weekend away in the Country (for anyone interested we were just outside of Golbourn). We spent the weekend here on a property owned by one of my dad's best friends from school for his 50th birthday. The scenery was amazing, those rolling hills with the cows grazing, as was the food...cheese platters, home made mini pies, mini gelatos in mini cones, orderves in beetroot cups, fresh fruit (this family owns a fruit shop),pavlova - all homemade goodness. There was also a huge bonfire and they set out tables in the paddock along side the fire with white tablecloths and candles for a late dinner of homemade curry while the bonfire roarded - it was like being in a movie. It was also fun watching my dad catch up with a bunch of his old school mates, all calling each other nicknames dad said he hadn't heard in over 30 years. His nickname was bring-a-ding as in the sound a bike makes when changing gears, because he was so into bikes when he was at school. He seemed pretty proud with my first attempt on a bike and was heard saying to one of his friends that I was definitely a mini bring-a-ding.

As part of the photo wall there was a framed picture my dad had drawn of their rowing team all in cartoon form showing them as their nicknames. Dad was drawn in the speed boat (which he used to drive) making out with a cartoon mum in a bikini - had to have a laugh at that one.
Breakfast (amazing buffet style) was spent out in the paddock watching the scenery and after a stormy night it was surprisingly sunshiny and hot! It seems we experienced every type of weather except snow - hot, cold, windy, still, lightening storms, rain, clear night skys, stormy skys and it was amazing to watch it all take place.
Even sleeping in that shed, with the leaky rood which dripped only on my face and my airbed which deflated during the night was well worth this trip, even if I didn't think so at 3.30 am in the morning! I'm one of those girls who needs my sleep ya know :)

Those that know me in real life would probably describe me as a real girly girl.. But i also have this secret love for getting out in nature, getting dirty and muddy and finding 'thrills' in things such as 4wdriving, abseiling and dangling from heights which would probably surprise many people. And bike riding it seems was no exception - what a thrill!

looking good..

boy on the back... even better ;)

ps. You should of seen the mud smeared up the back of my white top, clearly not a good choice for bike riding but fun none-the-less!

And now if you will indudgle me I was going through the old albums and found this photo of my mumma and dad, and it seemed kind of fitting to share. I love seeing the cyles of life being repeated through photos :)

super cute hey?


  1. naw they are some great shots! the magic of lightroom hey!! yew!
    you look so good on that bike girlie you should post that vid of you riding around:)
    love u

  2. OH thank you Katie!!!! I adore this post..... you are dalring on the dirt bike. So sweet that you daddy called you a mini bring-a-ding.
    So whatcha think fo meeting in person? If we get over there
    (yes, a possibility!) I will so be contacting you. :) My husband was just contacted by a builder interested in him building a home over there.......not sure where. I f that is the case, we would all b coming. CRAZY I know!
    Loves to you!

  3. OH.MY.WORD!!! KT I loved this post you are too cute for words! The pictures were so wonderful. It's funny how we always seem to repeat our parents in SOMETHING hehe It was the cutest post I loved it and your time away sounded so good I am drooling now over the food!
    Love you dearly friend

  4. Oh! Thanks for sharing. It looks and sounds amazing! I have a secret, I've never ridden a dirt bike. Or any motorized bike for that matter. 4-wheeling, yes. Anything else, no. :) But is does look like fun.
    It's so cool that you found a picture of your mum and dad doing the very same things. Some things do come full circle. Love to you!

  5. Love LOVE this post KT! :) You are so way too cute! :)
    Looks like awesome fun! :)

  6. looks like an amazing trip - even if you got no sleep!!
    And I love the shot of your parents, so so neat to see you and them side by side!

  7. Love the word "letterbox" in the comment you left Fairlight!
    And PsSsst...... it is STILL her birthday and you can still leae her a birthday message!!!!! ;)

  8. I guess we call it a "mail box" here in the states. But for some reason I think your letterbox sounds so much more ummmm dreamy?
    No, I did not get to see her today. I planned for days on going and surpising her today, but the schedule thing did not work out for us.
    She lives over six hours away. And I hate it! lol
    We are still unsure if we would be coming to Australia or not, I will be very, very excited if it does pan out! oh my gosh, how thrilling it would be! and you draling irl, would be the icing on the cake.
    By the way, my little sis and I are close and she just turned twenty-three. I soooo need to get her to have a blog.I am sure she would end up lovig it. If I get her turned on to it, I will let you know, I think you two wold love eachother. :)

  9. i have just been browsing back through your past few posts...i feel like i missed a lot of blog world while on bedrest. oh how i love your zest for life...LOVE it! love that you are a girly girl but also don't mind getting dirty...love the pics of the wedding...love all your descriptions of the baby shower. and loved learning more about you over at domestic bliss.

  10. Okay so I am just in love with this post. Just like all the other girls...The whole weekend sounded as if it were like you said, out of a movie...I so loved the pictures and your description of everything and that you as a girly girl, can have fun in the dirt to...the boyfriend has got to love that about you...along the ten million other darling big/little things about you...
    Now I am dreaming of coming Australia...you make is sound far more appealing than I have ever thought of it before. Seriously though, Min...how awesome it would be for you two to get to meet in person someday.

  11. that looks like so much FUN! and I love the pic of your parents on a dirt bike way back when. Between you and me, I don't like that bucket organizer thing I made, I'm almost embarassed to send it. It didn't turn out at all like I envisioned it. I spent so much time, though, that my partner's getting it no matter what. Maybe the fabric won't look so wild when she puts all of her sewing supplies in it :) Oh, and I sent an email to join the scrappy swap. I saw they needed one more person, so hopefully nobody signed up before me. Talk to you later.