Oct 24, 2008

Totally Tagged!

Ok so I have been tagged by the lovely Miss Jacy to share six random facts about myself. I love reading other people's random facts posts and getting to know a little bit more about what makes them them and found it was just as fun having a go myself :) !

the rules:

1- post the rules

2- write 6 random things about yourself

3- tag 6 people at the end

4- taggers start with rule #1

Random Fact #1.

I have mentioned this before, but for my new readers (hello girls!) I am a writer of lists. I write lists about everything! Shopping Lists, Things I must accomplish at lunchtime, things to do on the weekend, things I am waiting to arrive in the post, things I need to buy, Things I need for my room, my budget for the week (day by day), websites I need to visit, receipes I want to try etc etc..
Crossing things off my lists excites me.
I will add things I have already completed just so I get to cross them off.
I have to clean my handbag almost every week to clear out all the paper and post-it 'lists'.

Random Fact # 2.
I refuse to cut out any of my sewing patterns, instead I painstakingly trace them all onto Interfacing. every. single. piece. I like the idea that I can continue making multiple items out of the same pattern without fear of the paper pieces being torn, or lost (how many thrifted patterns have this problem!) or only being able to use one size, even if I will never make any of the other sizes - I just like to know their there if I ever needed them. It kinda calms me (weird I know). I also like the way the interfacing 'sticks' to the fabric and doesn't move while I cut them out. These pattern pieces are then put into a glad sandwich bag (to save from dust and 'scrunching') with the instructions and original pieces and filed away. Which leads me to random fact #3.

Random Fact # 3.
I'm very particular and neat about almost everything except for my car. It always seems dirty or full of 'stuff'. I put it down to the fact that I don't spend much time in it and can get away from the mess. I'm also an overchiever who likes, er needs things done my way (I'm working on fixing this). Things must be perfect and neat and matching and detailed (especially my crafts) I'm known to put a lot of detail into presentation, wrapping of gifts, cards etc. This neat thing is weird as I seem to let things get really messy and then have a deep, deep clean where i go through every drawer and re-arrange.

Random Fact #4.
I am known by friends and family as the Queen of Bargins. I will hardly ever buy anything full price (unless I am spoiling myself). I love coming home from shopping and getting whoever is available to guess how much I paid for a particular item. My family know the game now and so they always guess around $15 which kinda spoils the fun (especially if I paid more) then I have to ask but how much would YOU pay for it?
I then like to get out the receipts and tags and work out how much money I have saved - I totally get a kick out of it. I am also known to find something on special, get to the counter and then have the item reduced even more. This especially seems to happen to me in Target. Therefore whenever Morgan needs new clothes he insists that I come too which i think is becoming less for my style advice and more about the money he can save :)

Random Fact #5.
On the way home from shopping (even if I am driving) I get this urge to look at my pretty bountry and try things on, or to simply just hold them. It's always been this way and I just can't understand it. It drives Morgan nuts because I won't put things in the boot and insist on dragging all of my bags into the passenger seat with me and demanding that I am comfortable and have enough room, even though I clearly do not.

Random Fact #6.
I LOVE saving! I would rather go without something and transfer money into my save account than have the 'something', except when I see 'the something' and then realise how much I want it. A quick look at the figure in my save account calms me down some and I add 'the something' to my weekly budget list spoken of in random fact #1! I think this is a good thing especially seeings when the next pay check comes in I often no longer want 'the something' but rather 'a something else' :P

Yay this was fun I choose to tag:

1. Amy
2. Beth
3. Amanda
4. Dawna
5. Jess
6. Susan

Join in if you would like and sorry if I have double tagged you..


  1. Since you are a list maker, this was PERFECT for you :) Im so glad I tagged you, you really inspire me to save and bargain more and how I would LOVE to be in on the games of guessing your bargains hehehe! I loved getting to know you it's so fun to find out things that you normally woudl not write about. I guess that is the beauty of list-making :)
    Love you dear friend we'll have to do this again :P

  2. Oh my goodness - I can so relate to the bargain shopper in you. :) I too can hardly ever pay full price for any thing. :) It's such a rush isn't it?? :)

    You are just way too stinkin organized though... :) I admire that in you, wish it were a litle more in me.

    You must have a lot of patience as well. Tracing all those patterns! Wow-wee! :)

  3. Oh yeah, I'm totally a bargain shopper (I think I got that from your dad!). Wow... those organisation skills are something else. I'd love to be that organised, but unfortunately I have a messy boy who comes and messes it all up again (grrr!!). I'm still thinking of 6 random things about me. It's really hard!

  4. Oops, sorry I'm late to the game :-}

    I've done a couple of random six lists. Here are a couple links...