Oct 26, 2008

a bit of a random post.

Ok so it's a few years at least till Morgan and I are going to get married (must at least wait until I have finished design school!) but it doesn't stop me from looking and thinking and dreaming right?
So filing away for future reference is this etsy seller portobello's hairpieces (she has some lovely vintage jewelry pieces too).

I could just see my bridesmaids with these in their hair, or me at the next 'formal' event with a simple black cocktail dress, whenever that may be . And sorry for the scary looking heads!

I love that hairstyle too.

and randomly..
and a little sneak peak for Miss Jacy because I'm no good at waiting :D!


  1. Oh those are so pretty! And so are the hairstlyes...I prefer a loose, soft, almost messy look to a tightly, sleek, pulled back look for dressy up-dos.

    And I am so excited for Jacy to get that pretty apron....lovely, lovely fabric choices.Thank you for the lovely sneak peek. Just curious as to wether or not you have recived a package from me yet? It's been about a week ago now that I sent it. So if not, you can be looking for it to arrive in your letter box soon. :)

  2. oh my goodness that apron is ridiculously darling ...
    and won't Jacy look adorable in it.

    Love the vintage hairdo's also.... :)