Oct 17, 2008

Just dreaming.. wishing I was dreaming. wrapped in one of these!

hmmm what to do on a Friday afternoon when your at work, you've caught up on said work, you have all these creative thoughts buzzing around your head (seriously is your brain like mine and never seems to stop?!) and you work in the most uncreative environment ever! Blank wall in front of me I am talking to you, Application blah blah I don't really care. You too!...

How about flickr searching and coming across all these amazing quilts? Seriously so inspired to go home and start quilting up a storm (even though I never have before!) Any tips girls? Is it hard? I do have two patterns I've been wanting to try. This should occur after the 100 million other things on my 'to make list' come about :)

Anyway for now I'm just enjoying these ladies amazing handworks:

and my favoruite of all here.


  1. Those quilts are so gorgeous KT! Maybe work will go by quickly and you can hurry home and get started on one! Wish I could join you we would have so much fun quilting together especially if it was going to look like those! Hehe lollove you sweet friend and hope the rest of your day is better and goes by quickly...maybe something inspirational will happen soon?

  2. Seriously amazing quilts.

    Note to self: Must learn to embroider so I can add pretty borders to future quilts. Your favorite is also mine. And yes,and I can get high off of an inspiration buzz too. Just ask Minta, or Fairlight. Perhaps we should be diagnosed?

    And quilting isn't hard if you are good at understanding directions. Which I would wager to bet that you are. Even better if you have someone to show you. But then I am hopeless when it comes to figuring out patterns.

    The stacked coin quilts that I did for Cade and Ryland were like the easiest quilts ever because for the most part you don't have to be precise.

    Thanks for sharing these lovelies.