Oct 5, 2008

catching up...

Wow so it seemed like the baby shower went so well! I am so glad the Ladies, Leslie and even Nick seemed to have such a good time! Reading all of it is sooo overwhelming.. Leslie I can't even imagine how you must feel! So glad to hear that you were blown away by love!

Quickly...as part of the shower Chelle ran our baby-poetry competition. We were given this word cloud and had to put together a poem using five or more words from it.

Leslie, I've never been that good at poetry but here is my little short poem (filled with lots of love) The words in bold are the words I used from our word cloud:

Little-bean little-bean

when will you make your appearance seen?

Mummy and daddy are eager to meet you

And all of mummy’s 'bloggy friends' are eagerly waiting too

To hear your safe, stong and ok

Sweet Cade please let mummy know we are praying for you two each and every day

Ok so off to have a shower now. Much needed after a weekend away at a family friend's farm for a 50th birthday, complete with bonfires, no showers, lots of mud, motor bike riding ( my first time SO MUCH fun!) and very few hours sleep due to our shed roof which we were camping out in leaking onto my bed and face at early hours this morning and my silly air bed that deflated during the night :)

That shower is sounding OH. SO. GOOD! (but not as good as Leslie's Bloggity Baby shower :P)

then.. I shall be trying to catch up with all that's been happening on the Showers of Blessing's Blog :)

Hope to catch up with you girls soon (when you finally wake up :P!)


  1. KT, that poem was darling! I loved it!! Sounds like despite the leaky tin roof through the wee morning hours, you had a blast! Im so happy that you got to get away and have all the fun!
    Loves to you dear friend

  2. lol......you are funny! Love the idea of the farm, mud, dirt bikes and all! SO FUN! Sound like my families kind of week-end.
    We live in a tiny town and own four four-wheelers.....we all love to go out and ride anytime we can!
    I am soooo very sad that you missed out on the shower. I didn't get in till late. But that was better then nothing.
    I LOVE your presents for Cade. You are very talented!
    Loves and hugs,