Oct 4, 2008

The Baby Shower beyond all others!

So for the last month or so this here blog and my crafting has slowed down a bit but there's a good reason for it (I promise) and a fun one. A bunch of us fellow bloggers have been collaborating together on a secret blog working together to throw a 'Bloggity Baby Shower' for our dear friend Leslie.

I think the story in Dawna's slide show says it best...

Several months ago a group of women who had never met in real life realized they had a common interest: a dear friend named Leslie who was having a rather difficult pregnancy with a very precious little boy named Cade. This group of friends had the idea to throw a 'bloggity baby shower' as a way to bless their friend and let her know how very much she is cared for. So a secret blog was created, and email invitations were sent out, and the most wonderful thing happened.... A group of women who had never met in real life became friends and prayer partners and sisters... Bonded over love and concern for our dear friend. It all started with Chelle's beautiful quilt fabrics which inspired everyone involved. The new blog was buzzing as everyone shared their exciting ideas for sweet baby gifts and thoughts about making this shower a terrific experience for mum, and Cade and big sister Rylan...

It may seem silly to say but being a part of this shower has been one of the funnest things I have ever been apart of. Each of the ladies involved in this shower are so special, so kind and so caring. And I really believe I have made some very amazing friends! They display passionately the love of Christ, the beauty of friendship and have such giving and caring hearts. During the past couple of months we have gotten to know one another more, prayed for each other during some hard times and rejoiced over accomplishments - who would of thought this blog would be such a blessing to us all aswell as to Leslie?

As part of the shower each lady got together a little gift to bless Leslie with (mostly all handmade) Chelle has made the most beautiful quilts (one for Cade and one for big sister Rylan), Dawna made up a slideshow that I'm sure has made each of us cry (did anyone pack tissues in with their gift to Leslie?!), Andi put together a 'scrappy journal' from scrap booked pages some of the ladies sent to her, Chelle, Fairlight and myself got some party games up and running on the blog (prizes included), the girls brainstormed quotes, bible verses and put up some party music on the blog, Wendi made our cute link button (super smart huh?), Dawna (our brainchild for the blog) got a chat up and running on the blog page, Jacy got together a sweet list of why we love Leslie and how she inspires us. And Susan, well she had the best job of all - being our real life go between and watching all those gifts show up in her post box :) And that's only a few of the ladies involved! We have collaborated and shared our ideas and secret excitement together and best of all become such good friends, prayer partners and sisters in Christ.

Leslie, i hope you really enjoyed your online baby shower and feel so blessed and loved. It was such an honour and thrill to be part of this and to meet all you lovely (and very creative) ladies. Almost wishing this excitement could continue forever :) almost..

Love kt


  1. Oh, this is so sweet Katie! Wish you so could have been here to giggle with us. Have the best weekend ever!
    Hugs to you!

  2. I love this KT it's perfect the only thing missing my dear, sweet friend ..is you!!!
    We miss you!
    Love you to peices!

  3. That is the neatest and sweetest thing ever! I love it.

  4. You my dear were greatly missed...Leslie swooned over your gifts...I mean seriously she is in love with each and every one of them. But I expect you will hear all about that from her.

    This post was absolutely sweet by the way. As are you, precious friend.

  5. P.S. oh I almost forgot to tell you...you are the WINNER of the baby poem game.

    We'll have to see what we can do about that...be thinking as to what colors and statement you'd like to use! I cannot wait to send you a package.

  6. KT - This was a really wonderful tribute. We missed you tons and tons last night. Nick was typing for Leslie as she opened gifts and he wrote, "These gifts are HOMEMADE?!" when they got to yours.
    Your talent left me speechless and jealous. ;) Wish you were my neighbor, really and truly - I would LOVE to learn some of your incredible talents. :)