Oct 2, 2008

Wedding snaps

Thomas & Britney
Saturday, 28 September 2008

Almost a week after their actual wedding, it's been pretty busy over here...more about that soon...here are some of the shots I took at my first wedding. In most of my shots the exposure was completely wrong, mostly too dark - but thank goodness for lightroom! I sure do have a lot to learn but Sam (the photographer) liked a few of my shots - he's even going to use some in the final album. He says I seem to have an eye for the shot so now it's just learning how to use my camera properly... which I agree with although I've never been so good with that, I always want to jump into the end result :) I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the experience - thanks so much Sam for taking me along. I've decided photography is an area I would really like to get into.

the bridal party (my word those girls are all so photogenic!):

not a very planned shot... but there's just something about the action, the laughter and caringness that's in this shot that I like. I think from memory he had something in his eye..

Seriously, this couple was so cute and such fun to photograph :) don't you think so?
loving those curls too..


  1. what fun...a beach wedding...and what a darling couple/wedding party. And you got some amazing shots! I totally agree with Sam that you absolutely have an eye for it...here's to figuring out those camera settings...I find that part to be so intimidating too!

  2. Very good pictures, I love the candid one, too .... it looks like she's taking an eyelash off his face. I love it!

  3. I had to come check out your site after seeing you around so many diffrent places.
    The weeding looks beautiful - I think you did an amzing job!!!
    And a HUGE congrats on your exciting news - how amaxing!

    great blog!

  4. I LOVE the pics KT! Great job!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, first I wanted to tell you...You DO have sisters :) Right here I know it's not the same though...someday Ill come to Australia though I know it!
    Also I didn't recieve your email. I forgot to tell you that my acct is not accepting msgs. Not sure why. You can email me though at bcp_4@hotmail.com.
    I'll try to post it on my blog somewhere just for future references.
    Ill let you know when I do recieve it though and sorry for all the trouble dearie!
    Loves to you

  5. KT - the shots are breathtaking. I know very little about photography, but I think these are amazing! :) The bride is simply gorgeous by the way.
    I am excited to be joining a camera club soon and look forward to learning more about photography because I just heart it so boldly! :)