Oct 20, 2009

engagement #6

The Guestbook.
I am so glad we decided to put a guest book together. Not only did it give our guests something fun to do during the party, but we got some really neat responses and they were so fun to sit down at breakfast the next morning and read together. I am planning to scrapbook them together in an album with our engagement photos and photos from the party.To set up it was as easy as hanging twine between two palm trees, supplying some pens (provided in jam jars of course), a vase full of pegs, a vase full of scrap booking paper which I cut into small squares and some instructions. We also used the string to display some of our favourites images from our engagement photo shoot.
The papers and photos looked so pretty all hanging up they were the last decorations to come down too!!Here are some of our favourites:

“Grandma and Grandpa (the original young lovers) are so happy to see you continuing on our family tradition. Lots of babies for God and country please
xxx love ooo”

“Make sure your couch is longer than 6ft so I can sleep on it”

"Still learning about wisdom... but so far this is what I know.. don't stop talking :)"
"Dear Ktbear & Morgan hmm a word of wisdom what can I say? be grateful for every act of kindness. Remember to say thank you"
“Katie I love you and Morgan love ebonie”
From my parents:


  1. Im in love with this whole party
    and the fact your engaged...

    Im so sorry our phone chats never go very well....

    cute cute cute.

  2. All of these posts of the engagement party have just kept me in awe! Your creativity is just inspiring! I love all of your neat ideas!! The guest book - how very cool!

    LOVE the message from your grandparents. - Lots of babies!! :)

  3. They are amazing - I particularly liked the ones from your grandparents and your parents! What a great idea and it could work in lots of different parties - just imagine a wedding one! I can see it now at my wedding between the trees around my marquee - shame I have been married for 3 1/2 yrs!!

  4. All I can say is that I am in awe!!! YOur party was absolutely fabulous, I only wish I could've witnessed it in real life. The pictures just keep going on and on. Amazing*Amazing*Amazing!! Beautiful everything. :)