Oct 16, 2009

engaged + lots of pictures!

One of my lovely friends (and bridesmaid) Leesa was sweet enough to take some engagement photos of me and Morgan.
We got to spend the night before visiting with them in their little home lovingly nicknamed 'The Shoebox' because it is so small, playing articulate, trying on wedding dresses (for another photo shoot), enjoying dinner together and her husband Sam was sweet enough to sleep on the couch so I could sleep in their bed with Leese, thanks Sam :)
We then spent the day up in beautiful Newcastle at the old baths (doesn't it remind you of pictures of Greece?), at the fair (which just happened to be in town), the park and downtown Newcastle.
of course I love them all and their not even properly edited yet :)
Yup I am tall, but at 6'2" tall M wins
& it's tippy toes for me to reach those smackable lips :)


  1. Lots of kissing in those pics... looks like the perfect weekend! ;-)A few things I must say: a) you have amazing legs!!! b)I LOVE your ring. Love. It. c)I miss you!! Hugs to you both. xoxo, Dawna

  2. gorgeous photos - you look so happy!!

  3. Oh, Katie! They are all so beautiful! I can't pick a favorite! :) You guys definitely look so in love! <3

  4. oh love love love... these.
    can I tell you something..

    I adore the ruffled top and the skinny tie look on the steps..

    and your headband....
    fun styling girlie...

    so fun.

  5. Aren't you two just the cutest! And those legs, Katie! My oh my, have you got legs! So cute - I love the one on the boardwalk? where you are leaning in and kissing. so, so sweet!