Oct 19, 2009

engagement #3

The Games & Entertainment.

Who doesn’t love party games? When brainstorming ideas for our party we knew we wanted to create an afternoon that was fun for our guests as it was for us and had lots to keep them occupied (as well as catering for our littlest guests too).

We set up an area for boules and dad, cut some mdf and timber scraps to make some signs, which we painted in chalkboard paint (similar to the signs I made at my 21st).

Morgan also made a quiz of us and our relationship history which got the guests mingling and lead into our speeches. Oh my Morgan's speech was so gorgeous! he absolutely hates public speaking but he pulled off the best speech I have ever heard him make! We made it so that at least a few of the guests would know each answer with the idea that guests had to chat amongst themselves to exchange answers. It got quite a few laughs, particularly questions number 8 which Morgan will never live down that he wrote 'picadi' instead of 'barcadi' , something I didn’t pick up – yeah we are totally not big drinkers ;)
He put so much effort into it, making one of his amazing excel spreadsheets with places for scoring and columns which added up and it was great to see him enjoy creating something for the day. I wanted to make them pretty and print them out on graph paper, but unfortunately M was right and they were too flimsy and hard to print, so we compromised and I incorporated our little m+k=<3 logo at the top - there's some good marriage practice right there ;) For our last question we asked our guests to write down their favourite M + K memory (if they had one) and they were such fun to read and reminisce over. One of my favourites was our friend Tim who said something to the effect of “When I asked Morgan to check out the new girl at school for me to see if she liked me and then he went and married her instead!”

We also left large buckets of jumbo chalk on the driveway for our littlest guests & they turned the driveway into a work of art & seemed to have a lot of fun and some covered in chalk!! Welcome to hopscotch city! Created by sweet little Isabel and her brother Ben. I played along with the kids for awhile, which resulted in lots of giggles - some of those hopscotches were pretty hard & I was just no good at it!
I also love how the kids covered the driveway in m<3 k!
This is me with sweet and crazy Ebonie and her artwork.


  1. You guys are too cute with all of your games! Love the chalk idea for the kids, but what is "boules"???
    And the quiz this looks amazing, but I want the answers! Cause I only know one or two. :) I'm so curious to find out now.

  2. ... love love love this whole party. Incredible. Im off now to see if I can figure out how to make some chalkboard arrows of our own... Would be perfect for every of party of ours... and totally reusable.

    Love them. Love the cupcakes too, and the twister quilt. Seriously girl, your amazing!! Amazing.