Oct 17, 2009

engagement #2

The Food.
Yes, the menu deserves a post all of it's own!
It was scrumptious - oh my Morgan's mum and his Aunty Mandy did such an amazing job catering for over 100 guests! (with help from my mum, M's cousins Aaron and Jesse and sister Paige too).
For mains we served a Chicken Ceaser salad and Lamb salad
- Recipe here (seriously this is a super yummy salad).
Which were served in noodle boxes left over from another party :)
For Drinks we had red punch, champagne, a tea and coffee bar and homemade lemonade (found here) - an easy recipe and an absolute Morgan favourite. Morgan's cousin's Jesse and Aaron did an awesome job juicing ALL the lemons, making the sugar syrup and putting it all together - I seriously didn't have to do a thing! To serve I used one of Morgan's mums large cookie jars, a soup ladle and made a cute label - using the graph paper to keep with our m+k=<3 theme.
We used this cupcake toppers tutorial & instead secured the flags onto our straws (such a fun and cheap idea).We then placed them on the drinks table in jam jars (we collected so many!) and placed pens and nearby asking guests to label their flag.
frame reads: "Is that mine? write your name on your straw to keep track of your drink throughout the afternoon".
Here are Morgan and mine (we drank from jam jars):
Some of the guests came up with quite fun and quirky things to write on their straws. There was a few 'bridesmaids' and my brother's which read 'Stuart - awesome groomsman!'
For our cake we made over 200 cupcakes. Which M's mum, my mum and myself made a few days before the event. M's cousin Jesse turned out to be a champion cupcake icer (and SUCH a help!) and M's sister Paige made the icing (around 7 batches!!) while Jesse and I iced away.It took around 5 hours & the kitchen table was filled with cupcakes and the total supply of containers from two households!! The icing was actually very quick and easy and most of the time was used waiting for the sugar, water and gelatine to come to room temperature. As you can imagine by the 7th batch of icing we were total pros and had it down pat with everyone knowing their roles!
I once again borrowed Niki’s circle cutter and photoshopped and cut little cupcake toppers to match our invites – they looked very cute when served.
Our other dessert option was fruit platters and M’s mums home made pies. I’m sad to say I don’t have photos of either - the berry and peach pies were so scrumptious and country looking and Aunty Mandy used small cookie cutters to cut some watermelon and rockmelon stars and love hearts, which were placed on top of the fruit platter – too cute!
I also made some cute labels and placed on some jars which we filled with lollies and placed in strategic places around the garden.
And there was a plan to decorate strawberries with milk and white chocolate, but there was a shortage up in qld due to the weather – how sad!
still there was definitely plenty of yummies to go around!!
And I may have just had more than one serving of a few items - just maybe ;)


  1. Oh KT, this all has to be the most adorable engagement celebration I've ever seen, and the food and drinks have me watering at the mouth! I'm definitely going to have to jot those recipes down and give them a try! I can see the joy in you guys just popping out through your posts and I can not be any happier for you my sweet friend! So excited to see you all take on all the celebration that lies ahead as well!

  2. You guys look like you had an awesome engagement party. I love how everything is country themed. And the m+k theme is so cute!