Oct 22, 2009

sweet birthday package.

It’s true, I love to shop for gifts, I also love to buy gifts and then wrap them all up.
But even more than that…
I love to make birthday gifts for special people in my life.So that’s just what I did for one of our dear friends Rinny who just had her birthday (and also just got a new macbook!!) I jumped at the chance to make her a lovely little laptop cozy (similar to mine).Then I had fun wrapping it all up :)!

Oh yes, and I am still quite obsessed with brown paper packages, paper doilys and pegs ;)

1 comment:

  1. Oh cool! I should make one of them for my mac. I have a wetsuit type cover that stops it getting wet buts its plain and ugly. Maybe I could jazz it up a bit so its pretty like yours.