Oct 19, 2009

engagement #5

The Photobooth.
Photobooths have been going around blog land like crazy lately and it looked like such fun I decided we just had to give it ago too.For the backdrop I headed to Spotlight’s sale rack and found this cute country fabric for only $4 a metre. I simply cut the length in half, sewed it together and then roughly sewed up the side seams to make it neat. Then it was as simple as hanging a rope between two trees and pegging the sheet to the rope (we also used safety pins to make sure it was extra secure). And because it was slightly windy during the party we secured the bottom of the sheet into the ground with a few tent pegs.
I also found this tutorial for felt moustaches (it has down loadable stencils too) and I cut them out while Morgan used the hot glue gun to piece them together. Lets just say… they were FUN!
To capture our photos we set up one of our point and shoot cameras on the tripod and tada – hours of fun and cheap entertainment :)
It was a hit and took some of the best (and funniest) photos of our guest see:
This is Jesse-the-cupcaker-icier-extraordinaire and Aaron who were such a huge help with cooking and setting up :)Little Katelyn is just so funny & dramatic. She "made her crown especially for the party" and "just in time too!!"
& my lovely little cousin Ella made this special paper heart for me :)


  1. How fun! These are SO cute. And I love your DIY twister game below.

  2. Hey it's Lisa Welge! I found your site through my analytics (thanks for the link!). Your mustachios turned out great! I really enjoyed seeing all the little mustaches I drew, created by someone else!

  3. This is the cutest ever photo booth.


    The whole party looked ever so amazing. Beyond, beyond amazing.
    It needs to be featured in a magazine.

  4. I stumbled across your blog as I was clicking my way through other blogs... I LOVE this photo booth idea!! I actually have an event next month that I will be doing a photo booth at, and your photos inspired me to add some mustaches and other fun elements to it. :-) Thanks for sharing!