Oct 19, 2009

engagement #4

Ok so this is a game, but after all the hours put into it I decided the much talked about twister quilt (which is actually and sadly not quilted) deserved a post all of it’s own!
Here it is in all it’s glory, cute and patchworky and fun!To make I googled pictures of the original twister game and made it larger (8 circles x 8 circles) so lots of people could play together, I’m sure around 20 could play at once.
For the quilt front I used sheeting - it was the only material whose width was long enough. For the circles I once again headed to spotlight’s sale rack and came away with these fun prints (some at only $2 a metre!!) I cut out circles with a 21cm diameter and used visafix to adhere them to the quilt top (although this step isn’t necessary & some I just tacked on roughly). Then I zig zagged around them to secure.For the quilt back I used the leftover fabric and pieced together large 30 x 30 cm squares (easy!). I then had to put a white boarder around them because in my excitement and rush I forgot to add in some seam allowances. The idea is that the quilt is reversible and M and I can use either side for many picnics to come. I also quickly and roughly sewed the back and front wrong sides together before sewing on the binding on to secure them together.
And I even made my own binding, which is the first time I have ever done this & I may be hooked!! A few chats with Fairlight who gave me some tips and encouragement and this youtube video and I decided to give it ago – I’m so happy with how it turned out, so much nicer than store bought binding!
Because it is meant to be a picnic quilt and used outdoors I also added some tags which were placed into the ground with tent pegs and helped the mat not to scrunch up under foot.For the spinner I scanned the fabrics and photoshopped them into a simple a design which I simply printed and then taped onto thick cardstock. For the spinner we borrowed one from another game and drilled a whole through the cardstock to attach it to the board. – it took all of about 15 mins.
I didn’t get to play myself on the day (I did play the night before with cousins) but plenty of our guests adults (including my parents) and kids alike had fun getting twisted in knots! Here is Aunty Mandy and Aaron and Jesse having a go:
One of our guests even commented on what a great idea it was and how it could even become a family heirloom and how our grandchildren could even bring out the famous twister quilt one day (when it’s possibly even more scrappy) and play– oh how that just makes my heart sing!!


  1. Oh WOW! What an amazing idea - you have put so much thought into this and the other activities etc.
    It makes me want to get engaged/married all over again!

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  2. That is awesome! You have put so much thought and effort into your engagement party and it has come great. You should be really proud of all your work.

  3. Oh Katie it looks so amazing! You did a spectacular job! And it all looks so darling and sweet and well put together. Love all the fabrics you picked out and the back and binding are to die for cute! Oh my, so much fun and all the memories it will make. Treasure and keep it well. I'm sure it will be a family heirloom some day!

  4. Oh my goodness! This is just the cutest thing ever! Love all the fabric you chose..I'm positive this will be cherished for well, forever!

  5. I adore every stitch on your twister quilt. So much. And Fairlight is right, it's going to make the best ever family heirloom!

    Sweet friend, you are truly amazing.