Oct 26, 2009

setting up house.

We have a list.
A highly practical list.
Of things we need to set up home.
Things like…
- cutlery
- pots & pans
- a toaster …
Things that we don’t have yet.
But would you like to see what is on my dream list??
the list where money and space are not a problem?
It’s a FUN list!
an Eames Rocker.
in white.
With stainless steel legs.
an artisan kitchenaid mixmaster.
M likes the apple green one.
and I am tossing up between the 'ice blue'
... although I also like the pistachio one too!

This print & this one too.Ikea pendal floor clock/bookcase.
only $299 and such a cute item!
a new rug for the lounge room.
in a graphic print.
this one is from Spotlight found via ish & chi blog - here.
these ones are from West Elm.
- oh to have this shop in australia!a funky shower screen.
no idea where this is from, but I do love the print and colours!
lots of cute throw cushions.
This one is from etsy, although I have lost the link :(
love the frills!
pssst I just found the link on a giveaway!!
- Hettle.
An Eric Pfeiffer coffee table.
or side table.
or magazine holder.
- there's just something about molded wood :)white storage shelving unit & organizer
for the 'studio/spare bedroom'
love the style of this unit + having drawers included too.
I also thought this was a great idea for organizing fabric neatly in a closet :)
Found here.
+ I can't wait to make a 'his' and 'her' gumdrop cushion for the lounge room.
with the pattern I was lucky enough to get for my birthday :D!
ps. M – there is an actual literal list you may not be aware of quite yet! And yes the Eames chair is on it ;)


  1. Beautiful choices, KT, this is probably the yummiest list I have ever seen!! I too have the ice blue kitchen aid set on my list for Christmas lol I also love the yellow (can't remember the exact color name) but isn't the color choices so hard!
    I also ADORE the fabric organizer idea!! How fun!! And the gumdrop pillows and ...and...I love it all!!

  2. That is a very fun list. When I move out I am getting a rocking chair. Corey said he might be able to build me one. Oh and you definately need a kitchenaid mixer. I have a black one and it is the most fun thing I own!

  3. I love this list. I have on like it, too. I would suggest going to urbanoutfitters.com. They have many shower curtains that are so similar to the one you posted I could have sworn it was from them. Either way, it's a great place to visit. Where did you find that gumdrop pillow pattern?

  4. did you know there is a west elm outlet.. like 5 minutes from my house.

    really really... hehe.

  5. oh but this is a lovely dream wishlist...I love the kitchen aid in apple green and the blue, and the yellow and even the orange....decisions, decisions!

    And what a clever + cute way that is to organize fabric!

  6. Chelle + Jacy - I agree with you too many decisions.. I guess it would come down to which one matches the kitchen best ;)

    Leslie - NO way!! we must seriously go there. I have a feeling I am just going to love Cali!