Oct 28, 2009


Just some inspiration images (partly requested by this lady) for what I’d like our little flat to look like ...
homey. creative. bright. fresh. inspiring. mismatched.
a little quirky & a lot fun!
mmm a graphic print rug again - and love the fun yellow accent!!
danish inspired furniture and pieces..love the pom pom curtains & soothing colour palette !!!
how great are these colours?!
oooh this is like a resort. And white wooden shutter - my dream home has white wooden shutters which M has heard oh, a thousand times!!
blackboard walls are fun!
white shutters closing off the boudoir... mmmm
wooden floors.
white bright walls.
cute arrangement.
a zig zag rug!!
open shelving.
pendant lights.
natural light.
quirky artwork.
natural shapes.



  1. I LOVE those pom pom curtains - I need to make some curtains for my den window that have been bare for 5 years (man the time flew by). I know your flat will look amazing seeing all of your inspiration .... it's going to be FUN!

  2. As always I love any and all glimpses into anything that inspires you, I think you have amazing + fabulous taste.

    Can't wait for you to get to have your very own home (to make) sweet home.

    And I am so doing pom pom curtains in Anniebelle's bedroom.

  3. I love all the white walls and wood floors interiors around at the moment. With gorgeous splashes of beige, grey and green.
    Fab photo's - thanks for sharing.
    Check out my little blog as I have a tiny treat for you.

  4. Amy - oo yes new curtains sound delightful and a job once you've finished making those 6 pairs of pjamas!!

    Kenna - hi there!

    Chelly - I can't wait either - to have my own little home sweet home AND to see some pom pom curtains in Anniebelle's room!!

    Cassie - thanks so much I am heading over your way now!


  5. I love this inspiration! And those pom curtains are super cute, but I'm sure my cats would think they're fun to destroy. :)