Oct 29, 2009

chic & simple.

one thing I love about Amazon, is how it remembers what you've bought or looked at and gives you suggestions to other items you might like (or is this a dangerous tool!?).
One item that popped up for me when I was browsing the other day was this sewing book:
and I think I NEED it :)
I am a sucker for all the fun photography, how they are classified as 'simple', the pretty pages and I love the outfits shown (particularly the dress on the front cover).
here are some of the other patterns:
you can find this book here on Amazon.com.
... or my Christmas wish list ;)


  1. that book looks awesome! I think I may need to get that too. Maybe add it to the christmas list ;)

  2. I actually saw that book in person at Borders a couple of week ago and it was PACKED full of cute clothes. You know how in some books there are only a few cute patterns and the rest are duds? Not that book .... however, I think most of the patterns would look only look cute on a skinnier gal; which you are so you should get it!