Oct 29, 2009

paper scraps.

Hurray - we finally finished writing all our thank you notes for our lovely engagement presents.
& wow we did seem to be writing forever!!We had quite a few scraps left over from the guest book (and all pre cut too!) so we used them to make our 'scrappy-thank yous.
It was as simple as cutting and folding some white cardstock (which was on hand from when we made the invites), some thank you's printed off on my new love - graph paper and a roll of double sided tape.& inside each card we incorporated our m+k theme..
& thank you to Mr M for helping me glue, stick, writing the envelopes and for writing the majority of these cards while I helped dictate - yes my left handed fiance has neater handwriting than me!
& also for that night where we couldn't breathe because we just laughed and laughed over how to word them when we got stuck on "thank you for the towels...!"
your just the best!

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